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From the Director …


Christmas Memories – 2022

It is always the first snow of the season that weaves memories of holidays past into our thoughts.  Christmas 2022 brings a mixed Santa’s Bag of emotion, gratitude, hope and promises of peace, health and frankly, better times ahead in 2023.  We have all been on quite a journey over the past few years and still we come together tonight to share in the music of the season, recall precious memories of Christmas Past and a glimmer of hope for Christmas Future.  As we prepared the music for Christmas Present, I reminded the Chorus that we would not be ignoring the continued health issues, war and disease that still surrounds us but instead, do what we do best – hold it in song.  Tonight’s concert sings of war and peace through the eyes of innocence, the hopes of those who pray and the joy that the first snow, the smell of a holiday feast and the magic when the tree is lighted for the first time.  I hope you will find hope for peace, grace filled memories and a little escape from the world’s realities as we sing of Christmas Memories that we continue to make for generations to come.



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